Expanding the business to Thailand.
February 3, 2021

Expanding the business to Thailand.

#Overcome the Pain Points

Fudy Group is always committed to meeting the needs of its customers. In this case, Fudy successfully cooperated with Client, expanding its business to Thailand and completed the product’s deliveries.

The product is a top-notch wireless gaming headset with a simple and professional design.  It gives players an experience of immersive 360-degree stereo sound, with a more clear and stronger rhythm while playing games.

With its high-end price and modern design, the designer used all-black packaging materials to highlight the high quality of product. Moreover, since the product is sophisticated and delicate, drop-proof packaging is used to guarantee safe transportation, free from damage.

When packaging high-end electronic products, the primary task is always to protect the product so that it can reach consumers intact and in perfect condition after the delivery process. To enable the packaging to be fully protective, the outer packaging, the goods, and the inner packaging must complement one another. Packaging matters, and unboxing has become a critical part of the customer experience. Therefore, the design and the choice of packaging material are crucial too.

Speed-to-market is a must-have for successful packaging. Being able to design and package products quickly have always been major issues for packaging services. In this case, the headsets’ production line was in Thailand; it was another breakthrough for Fudy as it was capable of meeting Client’s needs of packaging in a specific location. To cooperate with Client, Fudy expanded its business into a new territory— Thailand, to provide packaging services faster and better, with every product properly protected.

Fudy, your packaging global service provider.

Fudy’s Role

In this case, Fudy served as a professional coordinator responsible for coordinating, communicating, and integrating all the resources in Fudy’s value network across many countries over the years. This case was initiated in the U.S, then linked to Taiwan, China, and finally Thailand:

  • The U.S. department discussed the design concept with customers, and the Taiwan headquarters took over the planning of the manufacturing process. In China, the department screened the suppliers to arrange raw materials and successfully transferred the design parameters to the Thai production side.
  • From design proposals, supplier screening, printing and packaging meetings, trial production, troubleshooting to shipping and logistics arrangements are all handled in a positive and rigorous manner.
  • Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the follow-up of the project was challenging and complicated. However, through intensive online video conferences, Fudy actively monitored and followed up on the project’s progress, ultimately overcoming the difficulties within a deadline.

During the early stage, in response to the need for strong protection of the product, Fudy put forward a proposal for internal support structure adjustment design in a short time. This kind of service is only possible because of Fudy’s extensive electronic product packaging experiences over the years. It saved preparation time, and after the trial run, proofing, and repeated drop tests, the packaging was accomplished as scheduled.

In order to highlight the high-tech product and show a unique texture, the packaging design went with an all-black color. However, the needed black molded pulp and corrugated fiberboard were not available in Thailand since the local packaging industry supply chain was not fully developed. After a professional judgment based on the empirical experiences, Fudy decided to import economical and affordable packaging materials that meet the product design from China to Thailand. This process primarily relied on good communication and coordination, as well as  the ability to stick a budget, and persistence in achieving a good design. Fudy was thus able to help Client complete the product packaging concept within the limited time frame and budget.

Overcoming the Pain Points

In this case, the color of the headset is black with a little blue tone. With many years of experience, the printing house carefully customized the color, making the packaging box as close to the product to highlight its quality as the product designer requested. Moreover, to recreated the mockup’s color matching, Fudy changed the large gray block area to spot-color printing, ensuring that the colors are accurately recreated when they are printed.

Fudy attaches great importance to the needs of the customer. In this case, Fudy helped to overcome a major pain point of the ill-fitting packaging. The customer requested a one-piece molding design; nevertheless, the small size of the USB metal head could not be well fixed in the one-piece paper tray in the accessory kit, and there was a nearly 50% chance of separation from the tray in the drop test. To solve this problem, Fudy proposed three versions of structural improvement designs and used adhesive materials to ensure that the USB metal head is properly protected from falling off during delivery.

The Pursuit of Continuous Optimization

From structural design to international coordination and resource integration, the product was smoothly produced locally in Thailand and delivered as scheduled thanks to Fudy’s one-stop service. Since the paper pulp inner packaging tray with adhesive materials was inconsistent with the original intention of the one-piece molding design, Fudy continued to improve the structural design and finally reached an optimized version with more than 80% fixed-without-falling-off rate. The final optimized version has won Client’s approval, and it is expected that the second batch of the product will use the upgraded version of the packaging.

Better than better, power for the possible.

February 3, 2021

Sustainable Fudy – Interview postscript

"We use the same machines as our competitors, but our greatest strength is people.” said by Fudy’s chairman, Lien-Feng Huang.



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