Labor Policy

Fudy complies with local labor regulations and international human rights conventions to ensure developing and maintaining a system promoting employee rights and benefits. Fudy prohibits all kinds of sexual harassment and discrimination within the workplace. Fudy also promises that any form of forced or compulsory labor will not be used, nor does it engage in child labor. Fudy ensures that the rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining are respected. Employees are provided with proper working conditions, reasonable salaries, and welfare facilities

Ethics Policy

Fudy’s Ethics Policy affirms its long-standing commitment not merely to obey the law but also to conduct its business with integrity and without deception. Fudy respects other companies’ intellectual property rights and ensures that its products do not infringe on these rights. Fudy also strives to protect customers, suppliers, and third-party trade secrets. Fudy provides a safe and healthy working environment and establishes communication channels so that employees can communicate freely. Fudy also cares for the underprivileged, actively participating in social welfare activities and fulfilling corporate social responsibilities.

Environmental Policy

Fudy complies with environmental regulations and relevant international standards, active in preventing pollution, saving energy, and enhancing resource reutilization. Fudy develops printing technology in an environmentally friendly manner to minimize the impact on our environment and strive to achieve a balance between corporate development and protection of the natural environment.

Integrity management

Conducting business responsibly is the foundation of Fudy’s commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. All employees shall uphold high ethical standards. Employees should avoid any behavior creating unfair competition and intellectual property infringement, refuse to accept bribes, and establish an appropriate management system to create a fair, competitive environment.

The code of ethics and professional conduct clearly state Fudy’s policy for upholding integrity. Fudy also requires all employees to follow its code of ethics. All bribery, corruption, extortion, embezzlement, or illegal profit in any other form are prohibited.

Employee Care

Employees are the foundation of a corporation and its sustainable operation. Therefore, Fudy considers employee care to be its most important responsibility and mission. Fudy has established comprehensive policies for providing employee benefits, providing various communication channels between laborers and managers, and creating a healthy, safe, and friendly workplace. Fudy hopes to continue achieving its vision of “work-life balance.”

Overall Remuneration

Fudy provides a fair and competitive pay structure and bonuses and reward system to ensure reasonable compensation for the colleagues and retain and attract talented employees.

Employee benefits

Employee leave: two-day weekends, annual leave, paternity leave, travel leave, parental leave
Insurances: labor insurance, health insurance, group insurance, travel insurance
Subsidies: wedding and funeral subsidies, childbirth subsidies, travel subsidies, consolation money
Others: employee physical examination, holiday bonus, parking subsidy, unlimited free coffee and snack

Employee Development

The comprehensive employee training and development policies of Fudy are composed of pre-employment training, professional training, and management training. Fudy continues to enable the professional competencies and skills of its employees to enhance their competitiveness.

Pension System

For the benefit of employees after their retirement, Fudy has established a supervisory committee overseeing the employees’ pension fund and regulations in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and the Labor Pension Act.

Employee communication

Fudy provides internal communication channels to facilitate communication and coordination between labor and management so that it doesn’t overlook employees’ voices.

Occupational Safety and Health

Fudy aims to create a workplace that is safe and healthy in all aspects. Fudy is committed to ensuring that employees work in a healthy and injury-free working environment and preventing them from any kind of personal injury or property damage, work stoppage, or any combination thereof. To achieve zero occupational accidents, not only does Fudy strengthen the professional skills of each operation supervisor, but it also requires the employees to attend various occupational safety and health activities.

Green Environment

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

The implementation of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System at Fudy has been more than a decade. By identifying environmental aspects associated with its business activities, Fudy can minimize the impact on the environment. Fudy complies with the environmental regulations to ensure its environment management meets clients’ expectations and fulfills corporate social responsibility.

Social Contribution

  • Fudy cares for society by engaging in charity events and has provided resources to care for the underprivileged. The actions of Fudy can be divided into support for weak families, care for the children, and animal welfare. Fudy’s continuing care for society shows its determination to fulfill corporate responsibility.
  • Fudy complies with all the environmental and labor regulations and devotes its efforts to achieve social harmony.

Grievance Mechanisms

The public email and the hotline for reporting violations are provided for employees and all relevant parties to file complaints and report violations directly to the Chairman’s office.



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