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Lily Flying Camera

Hailed a “drone revolution” when the product trailer was revealed to the public, this miniature vessel-like drone is completely waterproof and equipped with a 12 million pixel feature lens and two other lenses to track focus and enhance stability while in flight. Lily incorporates new concepts such as allowing being hand tossed into the air, automatic tracking and other new “consumer drone” features.  #minimalistic #newmaterial


Light L16 “All new Concept Camera”

The camera incorporates 16 lenses to allow multi-angle shots that compose three-dimensional looking photographs. Each lens is made up of imaging modules with a resolution of 52 million pixels so that users can capture images in motion in low light sources as clear as if they were taken in broad daylight. #simplicity isn’t simple


UP4 Fitness Band by Jawbone

UP Fitness Band retains the features accredited with Jawbone’s line of functional, light and convenient products suited for daily use. A white box together with a transparent PET lid completes the packaging to provide the user with an unobstructed view of the product at a glance.


The Stage: A Premium Wine Design Collection—The Auspicious Omen

Taking Wuxia novels as the inspiration, the final piece of the 'Stage' series — 'the Auspicious Omen,' demonstrates Fudy's strong basic skills by using full spot-color printing. 'The Auspicious Omen' (in Chinese' 紫氣東來,' can be directly translated as meaning the purple air from the East) is a metaphor for the emergence of auspiciousness, and it also symbolizes the arrival of nobles and the fullness of glory. Fudy chose the noble and sacred purple as the base color, boldly embellishing it with yellow. Simple but eye-catching. The combination of purple and yellow, generally regarded as the colors of the royal family in the East, reveal the exalted atmosphere and bring a captivating and impactful visual experience. #Colorology #ColorManagement #SimpleButEyeCatching #PackageDesignConceptByFudy


The Stage: A Premium Wine Design Collection—The Enterclose

The packaging is called 'the Enterclose', and it’s a wine box with double openings. The structure is inspired by the transparent and bright architectural enterclose design. In a traditional Chinese building, an enterclose is an open space between the front and rear courtyards, a passage between two rooms with doors to pass through. The ancients would banquet in the enterclose because the architectural openness reminded them to behave with openness and sincerity.


The Stage: A Premium Wine Design Collection—The Heroes Invitation

The packaging is called 'the Heroes’ Invitation,' and it is a wine box with a folio design. The unfolded structure of box is like the host spreading out their hands and sending out invitations to the heroes, welcoming them from all over the world to gather, sing and drink together. It is also reminiscent of guests opening the door and having a feast together. #Let your packaging tell the story


The Stage: A Premium Wine Design Collection—The Sword

This packaging is called the Sword. It is intended to simulate the action of a hero slowly drawing out a sword from their scabbard. The unboxer gently draws out the bottle of wine as the slashes of the sword turn into the clashes of toasts.  #Let your packaging tell the story.



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