Environmental friendliness is not only a corporate social responsibility. It is our continuous motive to power up.


Manufacturing and consumption are cycles never disappear. As part of the industrial chain, we can avoid huge impact on the environment through little changes.

We use professional techniques and friendlier materials to achieve the goals of plastic reduction, weight reduction, decomposability and recyclability in order to create a positive cycle together with our customers.


In addition to the emphasis on structural design and printing expertise, we also have long-term alliances with biotechnology R&D companies.

Putting in all the time and resources to make use of the waste from the ecological environment, ensuring compliance with the international 3R1D (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Degradable) principles through innovative technology.

The concept originate from the idea of full utilization of waste materials and turn them into green eco-packaging products.


Partnered with biotechnology companies to create exclusive laboratories. We successfully transformed rice hulls, oyster shells, and egg shells into usable green packaging materials.

We will continue to explore and research to create better choices that meet market needs.

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